When planning to boost or re-align your production capacity, you face a multitude of questions. How can you determine the optimal and most affordable solutions to grow?  When considering an upgrade, realignment, or expansion of a facility, address the following:

Expansion: If adequate land and space surround an existing facility, an older building may be successfully expanded by blending the new with the old. In utilizing portions of an existing facility, still functional production and processing equipment may be utilized without having to relocate or replace it. This may save upfront costs of expanding the operation.

Renovation: When portions of a facility are underutilized or improperly configured, a possible solution may be to renovate all or portions of the facility to increase efficiency and improve safety. If done thoughtfully, the operation may be able to maintain production during the renovation.

New Location: When a new site is considered, various alternatives are possible. Finding vacant land for a new building may be the first option, but when vacant land is scarce, or a new building is cost prohibitive, an existing building for renovation may be feasible. In addition to capital cost factors such the price of land and building, many other factors related to location need to be addressed such as the availability of labor, utilities, and economic incentives.